In the Company of Support - The Heart in Teaching the Alexander Work and the Heart in Learning  
The Alexander Technique at Essex Woods

Annual Summer Retreat

August 5 - 10, 2018

Essex Woods Meeting and Retreat Center

Essex, Massachusetts

Registration Information

Institute Directors
Debi Adams, Bob Lada, and Tommy Thompson
with invited guest teachers

We welcome you, Alexander teachers, trainees and students, to join us for our annual summer retreat at Essex Woods Meeting and Retreat Center in Essex, Massachusetts,, 45 minutes north of Boston. Join us in an ideal pastoral setting for continuous learning and personal growth in the Company of Support -  The Heart in Teaching the Alexander Work and the Heart in Learning .

Our time together will focus on individual growth and the positive application of the Alexander Technique in all aspects of life's daily activities, performances, visions and interpersonal relationships.  Our focus will be “a personal affair of the heart when teaching and learning”.

We will all arrive on Sunday afternoon, August 5th after 2PM, and gather as a group for an evening meal around 6PM. Our last event will finish on Friday August 10th at 2PM.

Why The Heart in Teaching the Alexander Work and the Heart in Learning ?

When holding someone’s hand you offer unconditional support while holding time and space for them to consider whatever is foremost in their thoughts and feelings. In holding hands there is no judgment, there is only support.  And when during an Alexander lesson we blithely suggest to someone who is committed to patterns of behavior we associate with their use and they associate with their identity, they need support more than one might think.
Their commitment to who they feel and think they need to be at a given moment in response to a stimulus often outweighs immediate acceptance of the new experience.
How often, even when we as teachers do not consciously attempt to impart a corrective cue through touch, does the person we are teaching feel corrected? How often are they made to feel that prior to this new integrative experience they were wrong about the choices that they have made which led to their present condition?  Change seldom endures in the presence of self-judgment. Change is commensurate with self-compassion, reaffirming for the student that they did the best they could with what they had available to them at the time.
Knowing that there are receptors in our fingers and hands which are connected to centers in our brain responsible for conveying compassion, could not the Alexander teacher instill that same non-judgmental, compassionate touch already built into the system within the quality of their touch and invite their students to accept their new experience as an already existing part of their identity less foreign to them?  In the same breath could not the teacher also incorporate both the inhibitive and directive cues embedded in their unconditional touch?  This would require both heart and reasoning. And with this in mind we will explore the “heart” in the Alexander work, and as always “in the company of support “.

JOIN US for a five day residential retreat in the comfort of Essex Woods with air-conditioned private and double rooms, hot tub and sauna, proximity to the ocean and other outdoor activities.  We will have morning, afternoon and evening workshops and special presentations to be announced, with time set aside for reflection and private work sessions.

YOU WILL RECEIVE a private lesson and several group classes from our core faculty. We will also invite guest teachers for other sessions so that you have the opportunity for expanded exposure to different ways of teaching.

Full workshop with room and board – $1250 (double room) or $1500 (single) 
Commuter (meals included) – $950.  
Daily Fee – $300

If you attend the Alexander Technique Congress in Chicago this year, you need only pay the commuter fee of $950.

A deposit of $500 USD will hold your space until June 1st when the final balance is due.

This retreat is sponsored by Alexander Technique International.

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